As the old adage goes: “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” And that proves to be entirely too true much of the time. While many movies have found a way to make their comedy timeless, sensible, deep, and even at times transcendent, the very sad reality is that many of them get so stuck in bad jokes and pop culture cringe that the very essence of poor comedic taste.

Starting with Scary Movie there were a series of movies that were designed to lampoon the blockbusters and genre relaunches of their day. And while the first couple were somewhat clever, they devolved into a joke-a-minute series of nonsense that just lose humor with every successive moment.

Honestly, the movies that Disaster Movie lampoons are often funnier than these movies are and the jokes are so locked in the culture of the time that even 10 years later they just seem odd, out of place, and no longer relevant. And that’s the biggest problem is that this movie was so focused on just being funny, that they never asked why they needed to be funny.

And there are dozens of movies that do this, Disaster Movie might be the worst one, but it is far too often the rule rather than the exception. Comedy is incredibly difficult to sustain, and even harder to genuinely duplicate time after time. And so it is no surprise that the quantity over quality approach has become so normalized.

There is literally a joke every 30 seconds in this thing, and most of them just make no sense, or are so poorly aged that they cannot be considered funny anymore. So the end result is a movie that not only fails to stand up in its own time, but even less so every time after.

So let’s get into the specifics.

The movie is judged on 5 different criteria.

Acting – How believable are the performances?
Story and Dialogue – How cohesive is the story and the dialogue of the movie?
Filmmaking – Does the filmmaking work as a whole (given the constraints of the time)?
Design Elements – Is the look cohesive and sensible?
So-Bad-Its-Good Factor – is the movie so terrible that for whatever reason it becomes fun?

As always, we’re ranking each category out of 10 for a total of 50.

Final Ranking will be from lowest score to highest score. Worst movie will be at the top of the ranking, best movie will be at the bottom.

Acting: Let me say this, Kim Kardashian is in this movie giving a passable performance. I mean there are some actors in this movie who I have seen give very good performances, but no one is even trying as this movie goes along. Sincerely lacking in any ability. (2/10)

Story and Dialogue: The plot of this movie is absurdly simple and stupid and it is not helped by the constant need to stop for 10 minutes of poor taste jokes and badly motivated pop-culture references. (1/10)

Filmmaking: I mean the filmmaking part of this isn’t too poor. I think given how much else goes wrong in this movie, the one thing that could be said positively is that it at least looks like a movie. (5/10)

Design: I have never something spend so much time and money to look so cheap. I mean nothing in this movie looks good and every choice is just so wildly like a knock off brand name that you can’t find anything tolerable enough to look at. (2/10)

So-Bad-Its-Good Factor: It’s not funny, which is a shame because it so desperately wants to be. This one is unfortunately just too stupid to even gain any ground. (1/10)

Total Score: 11/50

Current Ranking
Troll 2
Manos: The Hands of Fate
Monster a Go-Go!
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever
Disaster Movie
Alone in the Dark
The Room
Glen or Glenda
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
Plan 9 from Outer Space
They Saved Hitler’s Brain
The Horror of Party Beach
Battlefield Earth
Mac and Me
The Terror of Tiny Town
The Apple
Howard the Duck

And then there were 5. I honestly hoped that these would get better in the modern era but that is proving to not be the case… but we have another parody next week so I’m really not looking forward to that…

So until then, thanks for taking the time to get Ploominated!

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